Is it Possible to Permanently Move Workers Out of Office?

According to New York Times, there’s a notion among some executives that there might be no reason to return to the offices after COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the seemingly big words, it actually makes perfect sense.

It’s been more than half a year since the start of total lockdown. In USA, just a small percentage of employees have returned to their offices. Most of companies have already adapted to the new reality, with remote work environments and videoconferences through certain applications. Some of these companies are looking at lower productivity and financial output, but others are doing quite great – and those “others” are the ones who really drive the market forward.

What’s the secret for successful remote work? Firstly, the organizational structure should be flattened and decentralized to compensate for low amount of communications outside the office. So, employees must have some freedom and make their own decisions for non-essential tasks. Secondly, employees who are doing intellectual work now can be hired from the whole world, which greatly expands the horizon for talent scouting. Thirdly, all the work should be concentrated in a single environment to decrease non-productive time for switching between apps and writing countless emails. As a result of all these initiatives, the company might have to reinvent itself. But then there would be no actual reason to move workers completely back to office, aside from core essentials, as remote work would be just as efficient with less costs.